Extracurricular activities, including the interscholastic CYO sports program, are offered to all students of St. Pius X Parish School. The extracurricular activities supplement the formal instruction of the students and provide them with an opportunity to grow in leadership, sportsmanship, and self-discipline as they discover and develop their gifts and talents. All of the extracurricular activities seek to develop a sense of social responsibility, decision-making skills, commitment to community, as well as life skills and Christian attitudes. The co-curricular activities that are offered at St. Pius X Parish School are included below.


Students in grades 5-8 may be involved in an after-school sports program and participate in competitive play as well as privately sponsored tournament play during the school year. The sports students have the opportunity to participate in are listed below:

  • Boys Football
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Boys & Girls Basketball
  • Boys & Girls Soccer
  • Girls Softball
  • Golf (boys and girls)