The St. Pius X Preschool curriculum consists of developmentally age-appropriate lessons that emphasize exploration and participation. Activities and lessons promote growth in areas of spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative development. The curriculum is divided into thematic units, which are used as focal points to introduce and develop educational and social skills. Our curriculum emphasizes the practice of “hands-on learning” while listening and speaking through group and individual play, which are also integral parts of the program.

Catholic Christian values are integrated throughout the school day and Religion is formally taught once a week through an age-appropriate series which emphasizes the discovery and appreciation of God’s world and the gifts He has given each of us.

St. Pius X Parish Preschool program is an introduction into our Transitional Kindergarten and elementary school program. It is specifically designed to prepare our students for an easy transition into our elementary school program and specifically designed to prepare students for an easy transition into Kindergarten here at St. Pius X Parish School. A well-rounded curriculum is implemented in developmentally age-appropriate units with emphasis on “hands-on” experiences. These experiences and lessons become a foundation for future understanding and learning.

Parent involvement is an integral factor in the Preschool program. Together, dedicated parents and teachers guide the children as they become aware of social etiquette and Christian ethic. Within a loving, student-centered environment, our children discover their unique self, explore the wonderful world God has created and learn how to treat others, as they want to be treated.

*Introduction to letters, focusing on letter recognition, formation and phonetic sound.
*Introduction to new vocabulary related to current lesson/theme.

*Introduction to numbers, focusing on number recognition, formation and quantity. Our goal is for children to identify numbers 1-10 in print, count to 20+ and correctly count out 10 objects. Songs, rhymes, math manipulatives, puzzles and blocks are some ways we reinforce math concepts.
*Introduction to shapes. Our ch