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Ongoing communication and cooperation between home and school is essential in order to empower our children to be the best that they can be. Below you will find information regarding how to contact the St. Pius X School Staff.

Teachers and staff may be contacted by calling the front office during regular office hours (Monday –Friday, 7:30am-3:30pm) and leaving a message with the school’s secretary and/or receptionist. Phone calls will be returned as soon as is possible for the teacher, and/or staff member. Please note that teachers cannot be called to the office to take phone calls while classes are in session. Appointments can also be made with teachers via written or verbal agreements.

Faculty and staff may be contacted via email using the email addresses provided below. Email messages will receive either a hand written or verbal response within 24 hours of retrieval. Please note that emails cannot be checked by classroom and auxiliary teachers (PE, Library, Music, Computer Lab, etc.) during the regular, working, school day (7:30am – 3:15 pm).

Contact Info

10855 Pioneer Boulevard
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Phone: (562) 864-4818

Fax: (562) 864-7120


Mrs. Christine Huerta Soler
Office Manager
Mrs. Belinda Hall

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)
Mrs. Jacqueline Mora
Kindergarten Teacher
Early Childhood Education Coordinator
Ms. Tanya Tschombor
First Grade Teacher
Mrs. Yadira Peña
Second Grade Teacher
Assistant Principal, Elementary
Mrs. Heather Haigh
Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Sarah Yañez
Fourth Grade Teacher
Ms. Stefanie Rodriguez
Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. Jessie Marquez
Seventh Grade Homeroom
Sixth –  Eighth Grade Math
Seventh Religion
Eighth Social Studies
Mr. Nicholas Park
Eighth Grade Homeroom
Assistant Principal, Junior High
Seventh & Eighth Grade Language Arts
Eighth Grade Art & Religion
Mrs. Cynthia Herrera
Fifth-Eighth Science
Physical Education (K-8)
Athletic Director
Assistant Principal of Discipline
Mr. Ivan Tafoya
Jeanette Carmiol
Alumni Info

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